Hello, My name is Aiden Fry.

I am a recent graduate at Leeds metropolitan university where I studied Sound and Music for Interactive Games (MSC) under Richard Stevens.

I am using this blog to present some of my portfolio work.

Thanks for looking, any questions don't hesitate to ask.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Its Mod time!

I am currently working on some music for an awesome new mod which is coming out (main programmer: alex gladwell) Deamons Versus Humans! or DVH.

The game looks really cool and i love the idea of being a deamon fighting of waves of humans! haha

Music is coming along nicely, got a few ideas, keep posted for updates when things are nearer to being finalised :D


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Generative Birdsong Systems - Masters Thesis

This post is a point of access for my masters thesis in Sound and Music for Interactive Games:

Generative Birdsong Systems within Interactive Games: An Immersive Tool

Abstract From Paper

Within this paper, and the accompanying materials, we will discuss immersion within interactive games, the roles of game audio and its effects on immersion. We will discuss the limitations of modern game audio techniques, such as sampled playback of audio, and provide an insight into the advantages of alternative methods, such as procedural and generative audio systems. We will document the design and testing of a practical project, which has been undertaken to show the effectiveness of generative birdsong systems in; accurately representing birdsong and increasing variation of birdsong (in comparison to sampled methods) while working within a limited memory footprint. We will also explore the use of generative birdsong systems as a tool to increase immersion within an interactive environment, such as a video game.

Attached to this post you will see the following:

- The Products, Pd Patches and Game application.

- Full Paper with Supplementary Materials

- Dissemination Video

- Full results from Experiments

- A Short essay on Immersion

Download link Click HERE!

Or watch the Dissemination Video via Youtube

Alternatively here is a much shorter video of the birdsong systems at work.

Or browse my website for more details, other projects and full dissemination download... aidenfry.tk

Monday, 23 May 2011

Blind Hippies Treasure Hunt

For a university project i created an audio game using visual C++ and FMOD, this is the first game that i have created using these programs/languages. The focus of this project was learning C++.

The setting of the game is you are a blind hippie and you use your special metal detector (which is able to give directional information) to find treasure on a beach.

Here is a walk through of the game with some annotations.

Some code screen shots

Menu Code
Random placement of treasure code
 User controls

Set object locations to sound object locations

Detects when the player has gone to far and has gotten lost

Move listener back to beginning if lost

Listener-> object distance calculations
 Dig fail/succeed calculations

 End of game code - Check that all treasures are found


Friday, 20 May 2011

Composition for Film!

For a university project I composed some music for a short film (The sound design is not my creation!). This is NOT a film that I created myself, it has been used with the permission of the creators of the film. This is not for Commercial use.

The original Film can be found here

whislt the version that I used can be sound here (no music)

Big thanks go to Everyone who was involved with the making of this film, i really like the story and the way its shot and animated! Thank you for letting me use this film for my project.... i hope you like what i have done !
Finally, a big big thank you to Jon Mann, your sound design is truly awesome!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sound Music and Image Task 1

This is a task I did for university, I had to take one piece of film with little if any visual stimulus and was asked to create two contrasting moods using only sound design.
For my first video i decided to set it near an urban warzone, possible on the fringes of a city which is under siege. The mood of this piece is tense and tumultuous.

The second video I decided to set in roughly the 1870's in a quiet village in the country side. The mood of this piece is relaxing and calm.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Welcome to my Neighbourhood - Audio engine & Game walkthrough

For more information my report/write up/evaluation can be found here.


Monday, 14 February 2011

Welcome to my Neighbourhood: Download

Follow this link to download my 1st game: Welcome to my Neighbourhood.


Welcome to my neighbourhood is a re-imagining of the 1993 game Zombies ate my Neighbourhood by Konami. None of the graphics in WTMN are original.

Take control of Zeke and explore an erie level full of zombies, find Subject zero and engage it in a battle to the death.

Notes. This game only works on Mac, but no extra software is needed. If you don't have a mac, download it onto your external hard drive (the game is roughly 700mb) and then play it on a mac if you have access.

I am a Game audio designer & Composer, the focus of this game is on these aspects.

I am hoping to take this game further, with a better story line, multiple levels, some original graphics and better gameplay. First on my list is to create an intro video, if anyone is an animator/artist and is interested in getting involved please get in touch.

This game was created on Max/Msp/Jitter.

Cheers for playing.