Hello, My name is Aiden Fry.

I am a recent graduate at Leeds metropolitan university where I studied Sound and Music for Interactive Games (MSC) under Richard Stevens.

I am using this blog to present some of my portfolio work.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Generative Birdsong Systems - Masters Thesis

This post is a point of access for my masters thesis in Sound and Music for Interactive Games:

Generative Birdsong Systems within Interactive Games: An Immersive Tool

Abstract From Paper

Within this paper, and the accompanying materials, we will discuss immersion within interactive games, the roles of game audio and its effects on immersion. We will discuss the limitations of modern game audio techniques, such as sampled playback of audio, and provide an insight into the advantages of alternative methods, such as procedural and generative audio systems. We will document the design and testing of a practical project, which has been undertaken to show the effectiveness of generative birdsong systems in; accurately representing birdsong and increasing variation of birdsong (in comparison to sampled methods) while working within a limited memory footprint. We will also explore the use of generative birdsong systems as a tool to increase immersion within an interactive environment, such as a video game.

Attached to this post you will see the following:

- The Products, Pd Patches and Game application.

- Full Paper with Supplementary Materials

- Dissemination Video

- Full results from Experiments

- A Short essay on Immersion

Download link Click HERE!

Or watch the Dissemination Video via Youtube

Alternatively here is a much shorter video of the birdsong systems at work.

Or browse my website for more details, other projects and full dissemination download... aidenfry.tk