Hello, My name is Aiden Fry.

I am a recent graduate at Leeds metropolitan university where I studied Sound and Music for Interactive Games (MSC) under Richard Stevens.

I am using this blog to present some of my portfolio work.

Thanks for looking, any questions don't hesitate to ask.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Composition for Film!

For a university project I composed some music for a short film (The sound design is not my creation!). This is NOT a film that I created myself, it has been used with the permission of the creators of the film. This is not for Commercial use.

The original Film can be found here

whislt the version that I used can be sound here (no music)

Big thanks go to Everyone who was involved with the making of this film, i really like the story and the way its shot and animated! Thank you for letting me use this film for my project.... i hope you like what i have done !
Finally, a big big thank you to Jon Mann, your sound design is truly awesome!

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