Hello, My name is Aiden Fry.

I am a recent graduate at Leeds metropolitan university where I studied Sound and Music for Interactive Games (MSC) under Richard Stevens.

I am using this blog to present some of my portfolio work.

Thanks for looking, any questions don't hesitate to ask.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Blind Hippies Treasure Hunt

For a university project i created an audio game using visual C++ and FMOD, this is the first game that i have created using these programs/languages. The focus of this project was learning C++.

The setting of the game is you are a blind hippie and you use your special metal detector (which is able to give directional information) to find treasure on a beach.

Here is a walk through of the game with some annotations.

Some code screen shots

Menu Code
Random placement of treasure code
 User controls

Set object locations to sound object locations

Detects when the player has gone to far and has gotten lost

Move listener back to beginning if lost

Listener-> object distance calculations
 Dig fail/succeed calculations

 End of game code - Check that all treasures are found


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