Hello, My name is Aiden Fry.

I am a recent graduate at Leeds metropolitan university where I studied Sound and Music for Interactive Games (MSC) under Richard Stevens.

I am using this blog to present some of my portfolio work.

Thanks for looking, any questions don't hesitate to ask.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sound design for God Of War 3

This was some sound design i did for my course at university.
I created all sound design for a linear piece of gameplay video, from the game God Of War 3.
I did NOT implement these sounds within the game engine, as that was not part of the brief.
Saying that though i have used many Games audio techniques such as non-repetitive design, localisation, informative sounds, ambience etc. have been implemented.

This is a shorter, more abstract piece of sound design that i completed using some more "experimental" sound design ideas. I used software such as, MacPod, s.p.e.a.r., Paulstretch and Fscape to create some of the more abstract textures.
The video is an old advert for SkyHD.

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